Facebook 360s

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What’s a Facebook 360?

A while ago Facebook posts were configured to recognise equi-rectangles or as they call them Facebook 360s. These images are twice as wide as they are deep. When they are wrapped around all the edges meet seamlessly.

They are partly created by the process we use to create Google Street View virtual tours. We use Photoshop to process them further and we upload them to our gallery system. This allows our clients to choose the ones they like best. We’re pleased to offer Facebook360s as a fun additional service!

What do Facebook 360s do?

We produce Facebook 360s that have been specifically prepared to work with Facebook posts. Once uploaded they can be moved, with your mouse or finger in a full sphere to show everything the eye can see from that point on the ground.

Compass mode

There’s also a ‘compass mode’ button on screen, on mobile, that causes the imagery to move when you move the device as if you’re viewing it in real time. So if you spin around on the spot while looking at the image it’s like you’re actually there.

Immersive imagery

These images create immersive imagery for Facebook that allow viewers to really feel like they’re visiting your showroom or workshop. The imagery can be used to highlight a particular range products or to announce a new or refurbished business is ready for visitors and invite them in.

A Facebook 360 in action

Probably our most famous Google Street View inside virtual tours is Westminster Abbey. Of course we’ve created a Facebook 360 of one the the panoramas in Westminster Abbey in a post.

Westminster Abbey Facebook 360

How to get a Facebook 360

If you’ve already got Google Street View inside your business created by us, we’ll be able to help you. Simply contact us and we can arrange it for you.

If you haven’t already got Google Street View inside your business contact us for a no obligation chats to find out more.

Once you have your Facebook 360s we hope you and your followers have as much fun with these images as we have over the years.