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Striking Places is first and foremost about photography. We are a Specialist 360 interactive Photography company that shoots places, people & products. At the heart of our work is our passion for quality imagery.

We shoot a wide variety of commercial business subjects producing contemporary, engaging, lasting images. We have a wealth of experience covering venue and event, tourism, PR and marketing, product and portrait photography and are always investigating new areas.

Our 360 virtual tour company is made up of a team of truly diverse individuals with a wealth of experience from a range of contrasting backgrounds. We know that your photography is an investment that is critical for your company and brand identity. We work closely with all our clients. We listen, and discuss and then offer the perfect solution for your business.

Why Choose Striking Places

  • We are specialist photographers
  • Offer the best solution for your business
  • Provide outstanding service
  • We are constantly investigating new technologies
  • We love what we do and bring enthusiasm and commitment to every project

It makes perfect business sense to use specialists who deliver creative business solutions.


Jo Hailey CEO of Striking Places Photography pouring flower tea from a glass teapot into a 'keep calm and google it' mug


Jo is an accomplished photographer with over 30 years of experience, shooting in both traditional film and digital formats. In addition, she has a Foundation in Art from Middlesex University and a BA in Accounting and post-graduate studies in entrepreneurship and enterprise development, and 15 years as Finance Director. With a keen entrepreneurial drive and an instinctive creative flair, the combination has built a successful business with an impeccable reputation.

Tech Enthusiast

Jo specialises in commercial photography and works closely with clients to produce quality marketing imagery. She loves to experiment with different cameras and lenses and is always first to try out new digital photographic techniques. Jo has an impressive commercial portfolio featuring a wide range of subjects however her passion for the great outdoors and its wildlife define some of her most absorbing images and her enthusiasm with macro lens have produced some truly stunning photographs.
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07966 086133

Vizsla with blue colour leaping at you from a wave


Viz is responsible for being very handsome and nagging Jo to stop working too late into the evening. He is really good at making you jump out of your skin if someone rings the doorbell.

When people want photography lessons Viz is keen to join in to help photography students see how cool he looks when snapped at high speed.

Apart from water, Viz’s favourite thing is stealing other dog’s tennis balls and ripping them to pieces.

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Michael Hailey with headphones on looking at the back of a film camera


Michael double checks all virtual tours before they’re published to Google Maps. Carefully scrutinising imagery to make sure there are no stitching errors, shadows, reflections, lens flares or un-blurred faces or number plates.

Years of experience means that Michael knows exactly what he’s looking for so Striking Places clients can be assured of a perfect virtual tour.

Michael graduated with a first-class honours degree in Film, Television, and Digital Production from Bath Spa University and is now looking for work in the film industry. Michael has brought his video skills to the business by creating corporate videos for existing clients. He brings his creative passion to all his work at Striking Places and is always looking for new ways to help the company and its clients.

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Brandon Pizatka looking quizzical with a hairy monster hand on his right hand holding it up to his face


Brandon has a passion for all things creative – with over 13 years’ experience in marketing, branding, design and photography. He continues to push the boundaries in seeking new and innovative ideas, challenges and business opportunities through his agency Freshly Brewed.

As the TourDash Dude, Brandon creates custom navigation for your virtual tour. Working within your brand guidelines, he designs and builds overlays to further enhance your tour and engage with your audience.

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07730 672255

Joolz Joseph in a top hat with blue and purple feathers coming out of the back.


Joolz adds her special brand of magic and sparkle to Striking Places emails. She also helps our clients get their virtual tours to reach their audience with marketing mentoring and email marketing expertise.

Joolz brings over 20 years’ experience in sales and marketing, has worked with a wide range of businesses on direct and digital marketing strategies and now specialises in email marketing as The Virtual Marketeer.

Joolz also makes a mean tomato and lentil soup to keep the team fuelled when working together!

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07956 634330


Ben is Striking Places’ IT department, he helps Jo remember that Striking Places really needs to back all the photos up regularly.

Ben is also Jo’s favourite (and only) mentee at Fortuna BNI where they meet every week so Ben can remind Jo about the importance of backups. Ben’s company also provides privacy policies to make sure Striking Places is compliant with GDPR and provides these services to Striking Places clients too. For more information check out Ben’s website.

Ben calls Jo, Vicar!

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