RSPCA Animal Shelter 360 Walkthrough

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) is the oldest and largest animal welfare charity in the world and has been caring for and rescuing animals for nearly 200 years. They are the first point of call for the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of animals and the mission of the charity is to o prevent cruelty, promote kindness and to alleviate the suffering of animals.

The idea for a Google virtual tour came from Alan Moynihan, the RSPCA’s Solutions Exploitation Manager, and was triggered by the RSPCA’s migration to Google Apps. Alan contact Striking Places and the animal shelter walkthrough project grew from numerous meetings and careful planning. Alan explained “The new flagship site at Newbrook Farm just jumped out as the ideal candidate where we could offer the public a great opportunity to have a look behind the scenes.”

RSPCA Newbrook Farm Animal Welfare Centre has been specifically designed and is situated on 72 acres of glorious countryside in Frankley Green, outside Birmingham. The animal shelter walkthrough project involved firstly delivering the Google Street View Trusted virtual tour of the Animal Centre, the Animal Hospital and the Training Centre. Online visitors can now walk through the centre, exploring the facilities and fully experience the centre directly.

Hospital Director Rebecca Willby said “For the first time people can have a fascinating fly on the wall experience of the facilities and activities at the new RSPCA welfare facility at Frankley. We hope it will especially encourage those thinking of adopting an animal to come and see the animals and facilities first hand.” Read the full story in the RSPCA News (30 April 2014)

We are now working to transform the animal shelter walkthrough tour by adding an additional smart layer of information. Visitors can use the navigation menu to jump directly to specific areas in the centre and click on information hotspots that reveal a pop-up window containing additional information, web links, images or even video.

Alan Moynihan | Solutions Exploitation Manager | RSPCA
“Striking Places were able to take our original idea and guide us through the project in an efficient and comprehensive manner. They were excellent at identifying how to maximise Google Street View Trusted for the specific needs of the centre and more broadly speaking the RSPCA as a whole.
The animal shelter walkthrough tour enables us to show the breadth of our operation, our facilities and some of the intricacies of what we do in a way that has never been realistically possible before.”
#Interesting Fact No 38: the RSPCA Newbrook Farm Centre It is also the locations for ITV’s Give A Pet Home series and the Dog Rescuers on Channel Four has also been filmed here.

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