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… to Striking Places Photography providing commercial photography and virtual tours.

Do you need more customers?

Who doesn’t right?! Getting more customers is one thing, getting the right kind of customers is great though isn’t it?!

Commercial photography & virtual tours

Professional, commercial photography and virtual tours let people see who you are and what your business looks like. Once people see what your business is like, you’ll attract customers who like your business. Win/win!

Help to choose the best option

If you’re not sure what the best kind of photography is for you to promote your business please get in touch. Say hello using the chat facility in the bottom right, fill in the contact us form or call FREE on 0800 298 2119. Alternatively, have a browse around here. Explore some of the projects we’ve completed to date to see if you like our style.

I’m always happy to have a chat about how photography can help your business shine out from the crowd. I can show you how it’s possible to put your business on the map. We use commercial photography PLUS virtual tours. We also have great knowledge of Google My Business to share with you.

I’m happy to help with advice and guidance, giving you insights and sharing my knowledge of the wonderful world of Google Street View Trusted virtual tours and Matterport 3D Virtual Tours.

These photographic marketing tools invite your clients and potential clients right inside your business to remind them of who you are and what you do.

Helping people find your business

We can help you attract more people to your business by showing them exactly who you are and what your business stands for. Your business premises will do the work for you of enticing people from social media to your website. The interactive 3D replica of your business location increases the amount of time they spend once they get on your website. You get improved Google Analytics in the guise of increased numbers of visitors and lower bounce rates.

What other types of photography can help your business?

They do say that a picture paints a thousand words. It’s got to be a great photo though right?

Would you like to know a bit about who we are? Then read on..

Striking Places is accredited by Google to extend Google Street View inside. We have worked with Google on the Google Maps Street View inside project since its inception in 2012. Trained and certified by Google, Jo is the top-performing Google Trusted Photographer in England. Striking Places Photography is in the top 20 recognised Google Trusted Photography companies in the UK. We are delighted to be amongst the 200 companies from all over the world to be invited to the Google Street View Summit each year. Jo loves attending these events because she gets all the latest news about Google My Business. She also gets to hang out with her colleagues from around the world and visit amazing cities.

Are we right for you?

Striking Places Photography is based in Hertfordshire and delivers professional photography services to businesses worldwide so anyone in the world can benefit from our services. We have published over 17,000 images on Google Maps. This imagery has provided more than 80 million views for our clients, which as you can imagine, has really increased their visibility online. We create amazing 3D virtual tours and extend Google Street View inside location-based businesses across the UK, from Inverness to Penzance, and beyond. We work with global tourism companies to produce 3D imagery to showcase their destination resorts because we love what we do.

Who do we work with?

Whether you are a small independent business, a private individual wishing to sell their house or a national chain with many properties we have a sensible and affordable price to suit your budget so you can enjoy the increased number of sales our imagery attracts.

Meet the Striking Places Team

Find out what our clients say about us

Google Street View Trusted | Commercial Product Photography | Event Photography | Portrait Photography

Google Street View Trusted | Commercial Product Photography | Event Photography | Portrait Photography

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