EYES on St Albans Virtual Tour

This wasn’t any old St Albans Virtual Tour creation! This was creating a virtual tour for Jez Levy at EYES on St Albans. I love that he is such a super enthusiastic client. It’s an absolute delight working with Jez. We created both their 3D virtual tours as well as the interactive hotspots (can you see the yellow dots?) containing engaging video content. Videos of Jez telling us all about the eyewear experience he provides at EYES on St Albans.

Matterport 3D

Matterport is the next generation of digital photography, it combines 3D infrared scanning, with the highest quality photographic images. Using this technology we’re able to create a whole raft of visuals for companies including:

Incredible 3D photographic representations of internal spaces
Interactive ‘Dollhouse’ view
Hugely engaging intro videos that are perfect for social media
Custom hotspots for detailed information about your property
Fully navigable virtual ‘walk through’ tour
360 degree panoramic images that can be integrated with Google Street View inside
High-resolution digital imagery
Accurate floor plans

Matterport Tour of EYES on St Albans

The benefits of virtual tours

Both the videos and tours for EYES on St Albans have achieved a lot of traction on social media with the added benefit of an SEO boost too!

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is making sure all the assets you have are working for you to bring more visitors to your website (your shop window) and keep them there because they found what they expected and like it so they stay longer.

Increased visitors to your website that click more and stay longer all improve your all-important ranking on Google.

Your ranking on Google gets you found more easily for your keywords and search terms.

Additionally, having panoramic Street View inside imagery on Google Maps means people can see inside the newest shop in St Albans before they venture inside. Using this technology helps create familiarity and helps new customers have the confidence to make that first enquiry.

Google Street View inside virtual tour for EYES on St Albans

EYES on St Albans Highlights

With thirty-five years of experience and inspired by a spirited passion for eyewear, Jez Levy and partners have brought unique eyewear and exceptional eye-care service to St Albans in Hertfordshire.

EYES on St Albans offer an eyewear and eye-care experience based around three core values – design, quality and service. They help customers look and feel their best – confident that their eyes are healthy, their vision is great and their glasses are a natural extension of their personal presence.

EYES on the App

EYES on St Albans also has it’s 3D virtual tour in their EYES on the App that combines what they do and their location. From the app you can Order EYES on the MENU, browse EYES on WHAT’S ON and connect with EYES on BUSINESS.   Other local businesses can also be found on the app in glorious 3D, such as Cositas.

What Jez thinks about Jo & Striking Places Photography

Jez Levy owner of EYES on St Albans says “Jo and the team at Striking Places simply ROCK – You wish to have 3D modelling of your business – Go nowhere else. Definitely 6 STARS from me…!”

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