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Google Street View Trusted Improves Your Online Business Presence

What is Google Street View inside?

Google have created an amazing feature on Google maps where you can see the street as if you were standing on it and move the images around as if you were walking around on the street, all without ever having to leave the comfort of your own desk/sofa (wherever you are)  to see it!

Google Street View Inside uses the same technology (except higher quality) so that your potential customers can “virtually” walk around the inside of your business, see your displays, products, whatever aspects of your business you want people to see.

The research shows that people who have viewed a “virtual tour” (street view inside) are twice as likely to visit your store in person.   This increases your footfall which is likely to increase your sales.

Why would having Google Street View inside benefit my business?

If you are a location based business you’ll know that where your business is actually located, is the most important factor influencing the footfall you have.

Location isn’t something you can move easily, you cannot bring your bricks & mortar business to your customer, but you can use Google Street View Inside so your potential customers can see inside your business , without them even leaving their home/office.

People are busy, no one wants to waste their time, we’re all trying to cram as many things into our days as possible, consumers do not want to drive around businesses in the hope that they will find what they’re looking for. They will research online before they decide which businesses to visit. 

With Google Street View Inside you increase the number of people coming into your store, and these people are pre qualified; they already know your business has exactly what they’re looking to buy, because they’ve seen for themselves inside your shop/showroom.  

Seeing inside helps them develop trust with your business too, they get to see your business branding and your carefully designed displays, almost as if they were there in person.

Having Google Street View Inside improves how Google ranks your website, which means that if you have Street View embedded on your website, your website is likely to be shown higher in Google search results.

Listings with photos and virtual tours are twice as likely to generate interest from potential customers.

How does getting Street View inside for my business work?

Depending on the size of your business, a small shop can take from 2.5 hours to shoot fully. This ensures that all areas are covered by the individual panoramas shot with the specialist  photographic equipment.   It also includes a choice of 10 high definition profession images of your business from a selection of between 20 to 30 photographs.

Large Mega Stores, Hotels, or buildings such as University campuses might take several days or weeks, depending on their size.

After the professional shoot the technical wizardry needs to be done to process the images captured by the professional photographer and to join them into a continuous navigable street view tour.   Once that processing is complete you’ll be provided with a guide of how to embed it into your website, or we can pass on the details directly to your webmaster/IT team if you prefer.

We have a team of experienced professionals working together to deliver the quality our clients expect of us, we have been awarded Google Trusted Photographer status because of our high standards of work.  You can trust Striking Places to deliver high-quality images which improve your marketing and deliver business results.

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Key Features & Benefits

  • Showcase the inside of your business to potential customers

  • Provides uninterrupted access to your premises

  • Optimise your presence on all Google search

  • Dramatically boost your SEO

  • Visible on smart phones, iPads and tablets

  • Painlessly integrated into your website

  • Embed on Facebook and share links via social media

  • Creates incredibly rich social media content

  • Increased customer engagement

  • Stand out from the competition

Striking Places Service

  • Striking Places provides complete wrap-around care throughout the duration of the project

  • Guide you through the often tricky and changeable world Google My Business

  • Help you establish, verify, optimise and published your Google My Business page

  • Schedule your photo shoots around your business

  • Process and upload your virtual tour to your Google My Business page

  • Assist with website integration

    • Provide instruction for Facebook embedding and social media sharing

      • Provide Facebook 360s for Facebook posts

Leigh McAlea

Head of Communications TRAID

We have used the Google Street View Trusted tours on Google My Business pages and are also planning to integrate them into our website.

I have also found the 10 static images that come as part of the whole package Striking Places offer with the Google virtual tour really useful in other marketing areas.

I found Striking Places brilliant to work with. Jo is very friendly and professional.

We will continue to work with Striking Places as we open new shops and refurbish existing ones.”

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