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Some say that nothing compares to the atmosphere of an in-person art exhibition. 

Others say you can’t beat a virtual tour’s interactivity and personalisation. 

We say: why not embrace both? 

With the help of a 3D virtual tour, you can make your Mall Galleries exhibition go further, engaging with art lovers in London and everywhere else in the world… all at the same time and for longer than the exhibition is open. 

Featured virtual tours

Go digital

Allow visitors to your website to experience an automatic guided virtual exhibition tour without touching a button.

Replicate your art shows and exhibitions in the modern digital environment.

Showcase your work

Highlight your virtual tour by automatically starting when the page loads.

Share the in-person exhibition experience with everyone, everywhere.

Complement your exhibition

Entice people to click the play button and navigate to the artworks they’re most excited to view.

Enhance your exhibition to drive improved results and incredible outcomes.

You can click on the virtual tours anytime to interrupt a guided tour in order to navigate through the galleries at your leisure. To navigate, click the navigation circles on the floor. And, where there are interactive tags, you can hover over them to get more information.

Take your Mall Galleries exhibition online

Located in the heart of London, the Mall Galleries have become one of the capital’s most sought-after exhibition venues for passionate artists. Offering 450 sq m of space spread across three interconnecting rooms, each with its own unique personality, the Mall Galleries offer the ideal setting for showcasing the best global talent, such as pieces by renowned landscape painter Lydia Bauman

I felt very fortunate to hear about the virtual tours Striking Places was creating for the Mall Galleries when I was about to exhibit there. It meant that a brief exhibition could be turned into something much more permanent and at a much more modest cost than hiring the space. I now have my virtual tour as part of my email signature and, of course, on my website, and it’s a fantastic publicity tool for me. Not only can the paintings be examined up close in the context of the room, but hotspots allow you to incorporate invaluable information about the works on display. It’s a catalogue and a documentary rolled into one! I only wish I had known about Striking Places when I had my first solo exhibition at the Mall Galleries in 2019.

Jo of Striking Places was in and out of my exhibition quickly and discreetly and was very open to all my requests and happy to update the site after the Exhibition to reflect sales. I thoroughly recommend her services – her virtual tour of your exhibition will be a game changer.

Lydia Bauman | 2023

Thinking of hiring the Mall Galleries for your next art fair, auction or exhibition?

Then why not take your art online with a 3D virtual tour and fully navigable digital walkthrough?

What is a Mall Galleries 3D virtual tour?

A 3D virtual tour for Mall Galleries artists is the most effective way to recreate the in-person Mall Galleries exhibition experience in the digital space. Combining next-generation digital photography and 3D infrared scanning, a 3D tour generates a virtual representation of your Mall Galleries setup. It creates a fully navigable walkthrough of the three interconnected gallery spaces. 

Virtual tours are designed not to compete with your Mall Galleries exhibition but to enhance it. To augment and enrich it, to give you the tools you need to take your exhibition to the next level. 

Why choose a Mall Galleries virtual tour?

Empower everyone, all around the world, to immerse themselves in your art

Attract more visitors for the duration of the exhibition

Allow art enthusiasts to discover more about your works and inspiration

Send your message, your story, and your vision even further

Help visitors plan their time at your exhibition.

Provide information about your pieces in greater depth.

Create opportunities for visitors to personalise their experience.

Break down geographical and accessibility barriers in the art world.

Why choose Striking Places Photography?

Preferred Supplier to the Mall Galleries

We’re proud to be an official Mall Galleries Preferred Supplier, working with artists worldwide as they open up their stunning Mall Galleries exhibitions to art lovers all around the globe. 

3D virtual tour package

Striking Places Photography offers a powerful Matterport 3D virtual tour package suitable for all Mall Galleries artists and a diverse selection of add-ons for a fully customised service. 

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