Schlüter-Systems is based in Coalville, Leicestershire and provides everything behind and around tiles. They work closely with distributors, resellers, tiling contractors, architects and specifiers for the construction and tiling installation industry.

Being able to communicate what you do – fast – is important for nearly all companies. That’s why imagery is so vital – especially for more unique companies like Schlüter-Systems.

On a day-to-day basis much of what Schlüter-Systems do is hidden behind the tiles that have been fitted by their trade customers, so they called on us to help them get their message across and to help them create a buzz around their 25th Anniversary!

Georgia from the marketing department got in touch via one of Jo Hailey’s contacts on LinkedIn (referrals are a wonderful thing!) because she’d heard about 360 Street View Inside and wanted to find out what it could do for their business.

Note to Jo: Is this why did she called?

On the day of the shoot they were already organised, which was fantastic, and everyone knew we were shooting for the day and knew what to expect. As with all our tours, a complete walkthrough really helps plan the tour and the best ways to achieve their brief. With such a large site it also enabled Jo discuss the exact area the marketing team wanted to highlight and incorporate into their TourDash. It was great to show the them how the equipment captures each 3D image of each area and explain how they are all stitched together to show you what you see below.

In this tour you’ll see a wide range of areas. We’ve captured the lovely meeting rooms, departments, Explorer gallery and boardroom.

The warehouse is massive!

Did you know we can also edit tours? In post-production there were a few amendments to make for confidentiality and aesthetics such as blurring out any writing visible on whiteboards.

Because the site is so expansive, TourDash was imperative to help customers navigate around and find what they are looking for. TourDash is an extra little system that gives you a menu, with navigations to specific places on the tour and other added information using anything from text to images to videos. With call-outs and lots of information to help inform users in this tour, you can really start to understand a little more about Schlüter-Systems.

As you can see the tour come together fantastically and is a perfect example of how TourDash bookmarks are key to helping people understand the company more and developing the picture of how a business helps their customers.

The whole tour was created as part of Schlüter-Systems 25th anniversary – such a huge achievement! – so they also purchased 600 satin finish VR headsets to hand out clients and salespeople. This means anyone from around the world can be virtually ‘shown around’ Schlüter-Systems and given The Grand Tour from the convenience of their own office.

Follow the team and conversation about the anniversary on #ExploreSchlüter #StimulateYourCreativity

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