Photography tips for AirBnB

Photography tips for your AirBnB, why you might need them and how to achieve the best results.

Suppose you have ever experienced that touch of anxiety when you’re booking a stay somewhere without being able to see inside beforehand. In that case, you’ll know how important it is as an Airbnb host to put your guests’ minds at ease with plenty of high-quality photos that show off your property.

Engender trust

Like any online transaction, photographs engender trust between the guest and host. Photos taken by a professional with the latest cameras will always give you an edge. Still, for those on a budget, we will share our top tips for taking captivating pictures of your property that’ll have people banging down your door to book their stay with you!

Grab the attention of potential guests

On the most basic level, your photographs need to grab the attention of potential guests and showcase what your property has to offer. Photos are the single most effective tool in clinching a booking and communicating what your property is all about. A study conducted by TripAdvisor shows that having just one photo increases the likelihood of a booking inquiry by 225%! If that can be achieved with a single picture, imagine what could be possible with several.

If you plan to snap your own shots to advertise your Airbnb, here are some of our tried and tested tips.

Use images to set expectations

Before eagerly whipping out your smartphone and papping your property, you need to understand your angle – and I’m not talking about camera angle! Brainstorming what you’re offering can be useful because your photos should do far more than show your property’s facilities. Try developing a gallery that shares a sense of the experience your guests will have when they choose your accommodation. Make a list of shots you need to:

Tell a story

A property with photos that show barely-dressed rooms and nothing more is likely to lose out to one that uses its images to sell a potential customer on a dream getaway. Use colours and lighting and shots of amenities and local attractions to invoke excitement about a girly holiday, romantic weekend or family vacation and differentiate what you’re offering from all the other listings.

Soft lighting, minimalistic decor, candles and flowers suggest a different mood to city skyline views and wine poured into a glass. This will also communicate to guests what’s on offer during their stay, helping to draw the right type of traveller to you and enhancing your guest satisfaction.

Reflect your property genuinely

The story your photos tell should inspire guests to stay with you; they should envision their ideal stay centred around your accommodation. However, this inspiration is built on faith, in the same way that you, as a host, like to have a true sense of your guests before you trust them with your property; prospective guests like to know that what they see is what they’re going to get before they trust you with their money.

You might feel that taking exaggerated or enhanced shots from skewed perspectives makes your rooms look bigger, but photos that seem warped, like those taken with a wide-angle lens, can arouse suspicion. If your photos reflect reality, you’ll set the right expectations for your guests and deliver the experience they anticipated when they booked.

An example professional photo of an airbnb

Understanding key photos

Having 20 photos in a gallery might seem impressive, but if they all show fruit bowls, scatter cushions and inspirational wall art, then there’s some vital information being missed. Whilst setting the mood and telling a story are essential, you also need to make sure your photos show potential guests the things they want to see.

Making your property stand out



Example of colourful artwork in an airbnb


Smartphone photography

Technological evolution means that most of us carry a reasonably advanced HD camera in our pockets. While the high-quality images you can take on your phone are useful, you either need to rely on perfect natural lighting or proficient editing skills to make them look organically well-lit. Here are some tips for making the most of your DIY snaps.



Smartphone Tips

Your property has so much to offer

Your property has so much to offer. The photos on your listing are the only way to show it off and encourage people to book. If you’re eager to ensure your photos do your accommodation justice and all of this sounds like a lot of hard work, consider letting our team at Striking Places Photography capture amazing photos of your Airbnb for you.

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We’ve been photographing hotels and self-serviced accommodations since 2012. We can even create a virtual interactive walkthrough tour to enhance your listing further. If you’d like to chat with us about how we can showcase your Airbnb in the best light, get in touch today and get the bookings rolling in!