Advantages of Using 3D Virtual Tours For Serviced Accommodation

Over the years, I’ve worked with clients who have been talking about the advantages of using the 3D virtual tours I create for their serviced accommodation. Recently the number of my serviced accommodation clients has increased. Here are some reasons and advantages of this growing trend, with 3D virtual tour examples.

Brits turning to serviced accommodation

While hotels were once the go-to choice, many Brits turn to serviced accommodation for long-term and short-term stays. In fact, while 10% said they had stayed in a holiday rental or holiday property instead of a hotel in 2020, that figure increased massively to 22% just 12 months later. 

And it’s easy to see why. 

It’s cheaper

Furnished flats are a home away from home. Serviced accommodation may come with full kitchens, laundry facilities and home comforts. And it can be up to 30% cheaper than hotels. 

Increased demand

This is good news for serviced accommodation owners. More demand = more profit! And one of the latest reports suggests serviced apartment profitability is greater than in the UK hotel industry. 

But this popularity has a downside: increased demand is resulting in increased supply, and the market is becoming more heavily saturated. This means it’s vital that your serviced accommodation stands out from the crowd. So how can you make this happen? With a 3D virtual tour of your holiday property. 

How to differentiate

What is a 3D virtual tour?

A 3D virtual tour, like a Matterport tour, creates an immersive experience for potential guests. It transports them directly to your holiday rental, allowing them to ‘walk’ around the apartment, explore the rooms, and check out the views… all as if they were really there, in person. 

How it works

It works by combining a series of 360-degree panoramic images together to generate a virtual representation of the space. Potential bookers can simply use their mouse to move forwards and backward or take a look into different rooms and areas of the holiday rental or apartment. 

The biggest reason for using a 3D virtual tour

The biggest reason to use a 3D virtual tour for your serviced accommodation is that it can be a huge differentiator. At a time when guests are enjoying more choices than ever before, a 3D tour is something different; it’s something that stands out and wows your audience. And if you use a Trusted Google Photographer, you can add your tour to your Google My Business profile. This will help to promote your holiday property to hundreds and thousands of Google users.  

But this is really just one of the advantages of a 3D virtual tour. Other benefits include…

1. Putting your best foot forward

Although you may make every effort to keep your serviced accommodation looking great, you’ll know that it never seems to look quite as fresh as when it’s first ready. With a virtual tour, you can ensure your holiday rental always puts its best foot forward, showcasing itself at its very best every time. A little secret I like to share with my clients is to keep something back – like a cosy blanket and their welcome hamper – so that there’s always a lovely, unexpected surprise when guests enter. 

2. Having more time to focus on your property

My clients tell me that one of the biggest obstacles to perfecting their property is finding the time to do so. A great deal of their time is spent communicating with potential leads – some of whom never turn into paying guests. I recommend using a virtual tour to answer some of the most common questions so that audiences can obtain the information they need without having to reach out. Always being asked if there’s a washing machine. Show exactly where it is with a 3D virtual tour! 

3. Satisfying audience needs

It’s impossible to note down every single thing about your serviced accommodation. You’d have a list as long as your arm, and no one wants to scroll through it all. That’s why you cherry-pick some important features to highlight in your online listings. But what you might not think of as being particularly important could be critical to someone else. With a virtual tour, you’re able to show everything. Users can focus on what matters to them, so they can make a decision more easily. 

How to create a 3D virtual tour

Many people think that a 3D tour is created just by walking around with a video camera. But a high-quality tour is developed using specialist photographic, laser scanning equipment, and software. These are used to take a series of photos and measurements and blend them naturally with multimedia elements. I’d always recommend working with a professional rather than tackling this alone. And ideally, with a Matterport Service Provider (MSP) like us here at Striking Places.

Now you know some of the advantages of using 3D virtual tours for your serviced accommodation

Now you know some of the advantages of using 3D virtual tours for your serviced accommodation, I’m sure you’ll be as happy with the service and imagery as many of my delighted clients when you see what’s included in the package and how great these properties look once they’ve been captured.

Photo gallery from Danesbury House AirBnB

Carly Parkinson, the owner of Danesbury House, left a wonderful review on our Google Business Profile that says:

I loved working with Jo. I was over the moon with the photos and 3D video she captured for me, they were what I dreamed of and more. Jo was kind, patient, adaptable and all round just lovely. I will work with her every time in the future and would highly recommend x

Carly Parkinson | Owner Danesbury House AirBnB

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