More Google Reviews using NFC

Touch and Transmit: How can Near-Field Communication (NFC) help you get more Google Reviews?

Customers’ visibility on Google Maps

Because of our work creating interactive 360 tours and their superb ability to help ramp up our customers’ visibility on Google Maps, I’m always looking for new ways to enhance how we help companies boost their Google ‘juice’ even further. This has led to us trialling Near Field Communication (NFC) combined with Google Reviews to help easily encourage your clients to leave feedback.

What is NFC and how does it help?

What is NFC and how will it work to help you? I thought I’d help demystify the magic of my latest innovative tool and explain all… 

NFC logo

The NFC jargon

NFC is a contactless communication technology that uses radio waves to transmit data across a short range in seconds. An NFC-enabled device can accept the data you want to share from an NFC chip just by bringing it within the communication field.

It’s easy; you’ve probably already used NFC lots of times

The chances are that you’ve used this technology recently, probably even today, without thinking about it when making a contactless payment in a shop. Tap to pay! 

NFC everyday life uses examples

Here are some other examples of places you’ll find NFC in everyday life: 

But most of all, the latest dongle from Striking Places Photography if you’re lucky enough to see one!

key fobs with Striking Places logo

Futuristic sorcery

This might sound like some futuristic sorcery, but the tech has existed for years. As long ago as 2006, Nokia released the first NFC-enabled phone, but it took time for the technology to gain user momentum.

Between March 2019 and June 2020, there was a 150% increase in contactless payments in the US alone due partly to the pandemic. This contactless tech handles low value purchases and is now one of the most popular payment methods. 

But what is an NFC tag? What are the pros and cons? And, most importantly, how can you use it to boost your business and get more Google reviews? 

What are the advantages of NFC for your business? 

Speed and simplicity

Let’s face it, everyone’s in a hurry these days! With one tap of their mobile, a potential customer can be directed to your website, digital business card or Google Business profile. Smart, eh?! There’s no confusion, QR codes or lengthy phonetic spelling out of your web address, making it far easier for your business to engage with people. 

Less likely to get lost than a business card

We’re probably all guilty of taking someone’s card with the best intentions only to find we’ve mislaid it or put it through the wash in the pocket of our jeans. Having tapped their smartphone on your NFC tag, your prospective client has all your details downloaded, spelt correctly, and available so they can peruse them at their leisure. 


How many times have you unexpectedly been conversing about your business where you’ve thought, ‘I wish I had a card with me!’? You can easily attach an NFC tag to your keys, something you’re always likely to have with you. It’s small and unobtrusive, so it will always be right there in your pocket! You may be aware of Business Buzz Networking; they’re using NFC now as part of their Buzz Plus package in the form of a contact business card.

Great conversation starter

It’s fun to be innovative, isn’t it? Wow your contacts by making this technology turn its use into an adventure, creating a memorable experience with your brand. Transforming any ordinary networking conversation into something unique and interactive will break the ice, get you noticed and have people talking about your business. 

What are the challenges of NFC? 

NFC on or off

Tap to Pay uses NFC. It’s the same technology. So, when you Tap to Pay, you can be sure your NFC is active.

If you don’t use Tap to Pay, you’ve tried using one of our NFC tags, and it’s not working, AND you have an Android device, it’s worth checking NFC is turned on in your settings.

Here’s a useful video if you’re unsure how to access and turn on your NFC on your Android device.

Data Interception (eavesdropping)

Where payments are being made, or sensitive data inputted, criminals, could potentially ‘listen in’ on data transactions to gather private information. This wouldn’t apply to public links to services like Google or your website, but it’s worth considering if you want to use NFC for something more sensitive.

Establishing a secure channel and then encrypting data prevent eavesdropping attacks. Plus, the short range of NFC means that anyone trying to access your data connection must be standing very close or using a device within range. 

Data Corruption

This is when a cyber-criminal tampers with or manipulates the shared data with the user, rendering it useless when it arrives with them. Again, using secure channels can prevent this and it’s more a consideration for sensitive data. Some NFC-enabled devices also have in-built security functions that detect corruption and eavesdropping attacks so that they can be stopped in their tracks. 

NFC is not a QR code!

QR code example
This is a QR code

Rise in popularity

QR codes have risen in popularity during and since the pandemic. People more widely recognise them. It’s not uncommon for people to wave their camera at an NFC tag. However, this is not how they work.

Though similar in their ability to transmit information without physical contact, NFC is far more versatile. 

A QR code needs to be scanned and its link loaded on a device to display information, so businesses generate the image and print it on adverts and displays to make it accessible to their customers. A new code must be generated and printed if the business wants to change the link or any content. 

More flexible than a QR code

NFC is more flexible, easier and more secure than a QR code. If the owner wants to change the stored information, the tag can simply be rewritten. 


I’ve been experimenting with my own NFC tags, choosing to direct users to the review section of a Google Business profile (usually mine or a client’s), but they can be written to transfer your customers to anywhere on the internet that’s helpful for your business.

Google Business Profile

For many of us, pointing people to a Google Business Profile has multiple benefits. For me, it’s a great way for them to see some examples of my photography and all my contact details. But it’s also a brilliant way to encourage people to leave those all-important reviews.

Google Business Profile Reviews

SEO ranking

Good reviews are crucial to your performance in Google searches; they help you to be found, particularly in Google Maps. Not only do reviews enhance your credibility with potential customers, but they also increase your SEO ranking.


Google assesses many different factors when determining the order of the results on its search pages and positive reviews can push you up the pecking order.

Prominence is one of the factors judged by search engines, which it describes as ‘how well a business is known’. What better way to say that your business is known AND loved than lots of positive reviews? How many has your business got?

When I met them a few years ago, I advised a client to get > 100 Google Reviews. Look how many they have now: EYES on St Albans Google Business Profile Impressive huh?!

Google Knowledge Box extract for EYES on St Albans showing 389 Google reviews

It is also key to remember that the language your customers use about why they chose your business acts like hashtags for future searches. The chosen words get flagged up in other searches for your business’s services.

Organic reviews

Encouraging customers to leave you a Google review is hard to do organically, so getting them to interact with your funky, new NFC tag is a really easy way of giving them a nudge in the right direction. 

Get in touch

Sparking intriguing conversations is the way forward when networking and getting more Google reviews more easily is crucial. So get in touch to upgrade to an NFC keyfob! 

Free to existing clients

The exciting news is that if you’re a new or existing client of Striking Places Photography, you’re entitled to a Google Business Review fob. Get in touch for yours today!

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