How to Add or Claim your Google My Business Listing

What is the best way to rank prominently on Google? The easiest and cheapest option is to use your Google My Business listing.

In a previous Striking Places news post ‘Why is Google My Business Essential for All Business Owners?’ we listed 5 compelling reasons to be ranked prominently on Google. The most obvious is that Google dominates online local search, accounting for between 70% and 89% if all search results. Google My Business is a free Google service which connects your business with potential customers on Google Search and on Google Maps.

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Being prominent on Google is essential for visibility. By investing a little time and effort on your listing you will notice almost immediate changes to how your business is presented across Google.


Add or Claim Your Business Listing

This is critical. Google has probably automatically created a page for your business based on other listings on the internet. All you need to do is Google your business name.

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Verify Your Business Listing

This is to confirm to Google that your business is real and is maintained. It is essential that your business name, address and category are correct before requesting verification. If you are adding or claiming your business listing the verification process is the same.

Now you have signed up for Google My Business. You can now manage your information and edit the way your business listing appears on Search, Maps and on other Google services.
There is also a very easy to follow Google YouTube video available online.

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In the next Google My Business news post we will show you how to Optimise Your Google My Business Listing.

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