Google My Business page posts

Google My Business now has a Post feature


Google My Business certainly has had some changes over the years. When I first started as a Google Trusted Photographer back in 2012 it was a Google Places Page. Not many businesses were aware they had them and even fewer had ownership of them. A consequence of this was that the general public could post anything they liked about a business on their page and the business never knew about it. If they did know about it, they didn’t know what to do about it.

Remember the old logo?  google places icon



This clearly didn’t make it a popular feature on Google Maps and in the next year or two G+ began merging with Google Places. That wasn’t at all confusing for our clients 😀 We spent a lot of time helping clients to find both of their Google Places and their G+ pages and merging them for them. google places icon


About a year after that, I noticed this little icon appearing in the Google Apps:  old google my business icon


It seems the business pin on Google Maps was back unattached from G+. The features of Google My Business have gradually been taking shape over the last couple of years and now we’re familiar with this icon:

google my business icon


The features of Google My Business have been appearing regularly of late and include



google my business home example

google my business knowledge box on google search

google reviews icongoogle adwords express icon google analytics icon google insights icon you tube icon