Carl Russell Gunmakers & Co. | Street View Trusted Tour

Google Accredited Photographers shoot Street View Trusted at Hatfield gunmakers.

Carl Russell Gunmakers & Co. nestles in the Stable Yard at Hatfield House in Hertfordshire. Although it was established as recently as 2014, the team there have over 60 years of experience in the British Gun trade. The shop is compact but well stocked and beautifully arranged, making it perfect for a Google Street View Trusted Tour by Striking Places.



After having an external meeting within the Hatfield House complex in early 2015, Striking Places’ Jo Hailey was struck by how much it would benefit from a 360 virtual tour, to really show off all the historic buildings, unique shops, contemporary art and beautiful grounds. She put the feelers out at one of St Albans’ brilliant networking events and sure enough she was given a contact. (Yes, they really do work! Give them a try!).

Jo met with the Hatfield House contact and between them they developed the project. Hatfield House quickly realised that given the great value Striking Places offer the budget would stretch to many of the businesses across the complex. She was put in touch with each of the business owners, and the journey began.

Striking Places were really interested in creating a 360 virtual tour in a shop like Carl Russell Gunmakers & Co, never having shot (if you’ll pardon the pun) somewhere selling such things. As well as second hand and new rifles and shotguns they also sell clothing, accessories, leather goods and all the associated accoutrements. Carl Russell was also keen to showcase the workshop. This is a real behind-the-scenes area at the back of the shop, much bigger than you would imagine. Have a look for it in the tour. Just as you think you’ve explored the entirety of the shop a new expansive area opens up, full of specialist equipment and machines for restoring, fixing and making high quality guns. It’s really fascinating.

Carl Russell, the founder, and Olivia, who works in the shop and does the digital marketing and website, were delightful to work around. And there was a lovely resident dog that kept us in good company whilst we worked.