The Benefits of a Google+ Local Page

Google have very recently introduced Google+ Local. Most of us are familiar with Google Places and this is much the same but with more features. If you have an existing Google Place page this will have already been migrated over to a Google+ Local entry automatically.

Google + Local-13
So the benefits of having a Google+ Local entry are obvious. Simply, prospective clients can and will find your business on-line, either when browsing / searching at home, or out and about on their phone, whether or not you have a website. We all used to pay good money to have an entry in Yellow pages (each and every year), this is much better, much more likely to to be used and FREE for all parties.

‘Quote Adam Hempinstal – in my office, Successful business owner aged 27 – Yellow pages is old school, i have never used it, if i am looking for a product or service i would typically search on-line in or out of the office.’,

Google + Local-21,

The panoramic Street View walk through of your business is a compelling optional extra along with up to 15 professionally produced static images showcasing your business.

Whether or not you want to engage the services of a Google trusted photographer to create your walk through panoramas, make sure you have a Google+ Local entry. It’s FREE, the benefits obvious, and its very hard indeed to come up with a single reason why not too.

If you are responsible for more than one establishment or simply too busy to set up and manage a Google+ Local entry and do feel it’s important you can engage us to shoot your virtual tour and create, manage and moderate your Google+ Local entry on your behalf for a small fee.

For more information about Google Plus pages contact Striking Places on 0800 298 2119.