Google Maps Business View | Bengal Spice Indian Restaurant

Jo and the team like to frequent Bengal Spice in St Brelade’s Place in Jersey Farm, St Albans on Friday nights after a hard week’s work shooting new and interesting places and processing panoramic images and the accompanying static photos. Jo’s favourite is their smashing spicy king prawn madras with a refreshing cold pint of Cobra! The Bengal Spice team were really interested when they discovered that Striking Places were now able to extend Street View inside. They quickly booked a date and looked forward to seeing how it all happened.

Bengal Spice, Jo’s local Indian restaurant, was one of the first Google Street View Trusted virtual tours to be completed in the project that started in 2012. The Striking Places gang love the way the lights twinkle like stars in the ceiling and how vibrant and bright the whole place looks. This new and exciting tool from Google produces stunning visual results as well as interesting and compelling content for embedding in websites. Of course it’s also great for people that love exploring inside places before they visit so they become more familiar with new surroundings and can also, clearly, gauge any accessibility queries they may have. As you can see, it’s easy access to this restaurant. No problem for parking or access for people with disabilities who require a wheelchair.

The team at Bengal Spice were really pleased with the results and amazed at how quickly and efficiently Striking Places worked to produce such high quality results.

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The list of eateries and restaurants added to Google Street View increases every week. Here’s a Striking Places Demo page with lots of other examples: There are some great statistics that make choosing to have Google Street View extended into your business highly persuasive, including that fact that people are twice as likely to visit a restaurant or hotel that has a virtual tour.

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