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Did you know it’s possible to update Google Street View for businesses? There are many reasons for wanting to have your local Street View imagery updated. Here are just a few.

Street View imagery is out of date

We often get asked about updating Google Street View. Updating is now possible. If you’d like your own Google Street View, with your logo and QR code displayed in the nadir (that’s the bit you see when you look down), contact us today or read on to find out more.

Screenshot of the latest version of the front of 307 - 309 High Street from 2019.
What 307 – 309 High Street looks like on the most recent Google Street View update in 2019
Photo of what Akaya Lounge looks like in 2020
What 307 – 309 High Street looks like in 2020

As you can imagine the business owner is not very happy with this outdated representation of his business.

Google Street View is showing the wrong image on my Google My Business listing

People also often ask about the first image people see on their Google My Business listing. Business owners are often reluctant to use their Google My Business listing when the first image on their page is of a wall, a different business or a hedge. When a fence is displayed, it is not representative of the business. We know business owners would love the facility to update Google Street View for their business.

Screenshot of the view of a wall that should show Simmons the bakers in St Albans.
Simmons Bakers 7 French Row, St Albans on Google Street View
Screenshot of the front of Simmons Bakers in St Albans
What Simmons Bakers looks like really!

Google Street View doesn’t go to my business

Sometimes, there are places that the Google car doesn’t venture. For example, into some private roads or when they can’t get access. It can be quite disappointing when your beautiful building hasn’t made it on to Google Maps Street View. Here’s an example using Torrington Hall, in St Albans.

Street View screenshot at the car park entrance of Torrington Hall
Google Street View screenshot of the closest you can get to Torrington Hall
Photo of Torrington Hall
What Torrington Hall looks like close up

Although the view from Street View is correct for the entrance to the building’s car park, the imagery doesn’t do the building the justice it deserves.

Other questions about Google Street View

People ask all kinds of questions about Google Street View. When will it be updated? Can I get Google Street View for areas that are off-road? Can I have Google Street View updated for my business now? In the following sections we’ve tried to answer some of these questions.

When will Google Street View be renewed?

Google cars still create Google Street View. You’ll probably be familiar with the site of the cars with cameras on their roofs. You may even appear in Street View yourself somewhere, with your face blurred!

You can find out if your area is going to be re-captured soon by checking out their website.

Screenshot of the planned location of the Google Street View cars for 2020.

Can I get my Google Street View renewed sooner?

The other way to update Google Street View businesses in your area is by engaging a Google Trusted Photographer. Google Trusted Photographers are accredited by Google to upload Google Street View to Google Maps.

Don’t worry we can help

If you have one of the issues mentioned above with Google Street View for your business we can help. We have years of experience with Google Street View and the right equipment for the job.

There are a few ways we can help to get your imagery looking good for your business.

Get your own branded Google Street View

As well as helping to fix all these issues, we can put your business right on Google Street View. When you buy your own section of Google Street View you can have your business’ logo at the bottom of each photosphere. How cool is that?!

Get in touch

Please feel free to get in touch with us today by calling 07966 086133. We’re friendly and happy to help.


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