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3D Virtual tours are all the rage, but now you can enhance your virtual tour and create real-time virtual viewings using the latest video conference software.

It’s great to share a link to a 3D virtual tour to let your potential client experience a property by navigating around exploring, but wouldn’t it be even better to meet them there so that you can talk them through personally?

It’s now possible for up to four people, in separate geographical locations anywhere in the world, to meet virtually in a 3D space.

If you want to meet your clients in a virtual property using this latest technology, we can make this happen within a few days. Contact us today.

If you’d like to know more about the benefits of Virtual Viewings read on.

Benefits of Virtual Viewings

Save time

Without leaving your desk, you can show potential buyers several suitable properties without taking up time travelling to and from locations.

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Personalised and professional

The power of personally showcasing a property builds rapport with your prospective client. Virtual Viewings mean you can start this professional process before you meet in person. Seeing people’s reaction in the shared environment means you can have those natural conversations which help you understand your client’s needs better. Once you start understanding their needs and requirements, you can highlight the features of the property that best support their needs. Additionally, your relationship develops while you impress your clients by using the latest technology.

Show properties to more people

With more time to show more prospective clients around properties, you are now able to show them even more of the kind of homes they’re interested in viewing. Being able to see more properties means they’re more likely to find their perfect place. Over time, this continuous improvement will lead to great feedback and reviews and ultimately an improved reputation for your company.

Houses, The Painted Lady Houses in San Francisco

Provide a more timely service

Now you have more time to schedule more property viewings. You can meet people at precise time slots. You have more time slots for different people. Buyers will be happier not having to wait for your availability and leading to better reviews and increased credibility, which in turn lead to word-of-mouth recommendations and more business.

Save money

Now you have saved time on travelling to properties; you’ll save money on travel expenses too. All this while you are increasing the chances of selling a property more quickly by showing them to more people virtually in the first instance. Why not experience a Virtual Viewing for yourself?

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Higher quality qualified leads

Once people have experienced a home via a Virtual Viewing, you and they both know that the property matches their needs. Viewing in person leads to a happy customer because they know what they’re going to see before they arrive. We all love a happy customer!

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Group walk-throughs

Estate Agents and Realtors

You can meet with the vendor and the potential buyer at the property in a 3D Virtual Viewing. Meeting like this allows you all to discuss key features, the history, and locality before the buyer decides on the suitability of the property. In-person bookings are a natural progression.

Architects, Mortgage Assessors & Surveyors

Meet up with colleagues in a property. Groups of up to 4 people can discuss points on a plan in situ. You’ll all know the location of features at the property. You’ll all completely understand the condition of the property.

Event venues

Event organisers can easily show conference clients around your venue to discuss its suitability for their event. Being able to show more people around your property will lead to an increase in bookings.

Wedding planners

Equally, wedding planners can meet with you and engaged couples to show them around virtually highlighting key features while planning their special day. The happy couple will get to know you, their wedding planner, and your venue much better before the event, which will lead to seamless delivery on the day.

Hotel guests

Providing virtual guided tours for hotel guests helps to demonstrate accessibility for those with disabilities. Once guests are aware of the layout and location of rooms, restaurants, and other facilities, they’ll feel more confident that their stay will be as pleasurable as possible.

Stay safe while continuing business

COVID-19 has effected everyone. We are all very well aware of the precautions we must take to avoid the spread of the virus. Using Virtual Viewings completely removes the risk of infection. By merely using Virtual Viewings in the first instance, you’ll significantly reduce the risk of catching or spreading the disease. Your Health & Safety department will thank you.

How Virtual Viewings work

Matterport 3D virtual tour

Get a virtual tour

To experience a Virtual Viewing, the first thing you require is a Matterport 3D virtual tour. If you don’t have one and you’d like one, you need to book a Matterport Service Provider (MSP) to capture the imagery and 3D model using the appropriate equipment.

Luckily, you’re in the right place for this as we provide this service. We have created hundreds of Matterport models. Please call us FREE on 0800 298 2119 to find out more.

Book a demo

Once published to the Matterport servers, you’ll be provided with a link to view the virtual tour. You then request a demo in your 3D virtual tour by filling in the contact form.

You can either fill in the contact form below or start a conversation using the chat facility to the bottom right of your screen. We’ll be in touch to arrange a Virtual Viewing demonstration as soon as possible.

Already have a Matterport 3D virtual tour

If you already have a 3D virtual tour and would like to experience a Virtual Visit for yourself in your virtual tour, fill in the contact form and we’ll get straight back to you to arrange a viewing at a time convenient for you.

10 minute demo

If you don’t have a Matterport 3D virtual tour and don’t need one but would still like to experience a Virtual Viewing, please fill in the contact form. We’re happy to provide a free 10-minute demo in one of the hundreds of 3D spaces we’ve created ourselves over the years. You can even choose the type of property or venue you’d like to meet in.

Hosting your own Virtual Viewings

If you’d like to host your Virtual Viewings, the process is easy. Simply sign up here. Once your subscription is complete, you’ll receive your login in details.

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