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Village Vet is a veterinary group of longstanding practices that care for the health and welfare of pets. Comprising 18 clinics in London, Hertfordshire and Cambridge all are fitted with state-of-the-art equipment and friendly knowledgeable vets and staff. The group boasts three 24 hour hospitals in Hampstead, Milton and Whittlesford and a dedicated conveniently located cattery providing exceptional veterinary care.

Our relationship with the Village Vet Group began after Viz, our office dog and head of security, needed medical attention (he is fully healed now). After a number of discussions with the marketing team, Striking Places outlined a project brief that would showcase the facilities and equipment without shooting all the clinics with a veterinary virtual tour. We proposed Google Street View Trusted 360 tours for one of the veterinary practises, the cattery and also one of the hospitals.

In addition to the veterinary virtual tour by Google, we have also produced a TourDash overlay for the St Albans hospital. This is a purpose-built animal hospital and the interactive veterinary virtual tour highlights the modern clean environment with its full digital diagnostic facilities, on site laboratory, full operating theatres, separate dog and cat hospital wards. Clients and potential clients have a rare opportunity to walk through areas not normally seen by the public. Anxious pet owners get to see where their animals will be cared for, and just how clean and safe everything is.
Elaine Lawrie| Marketing Manager | Village Vet
“We have had Striking Places produce two of our Veterinary Virtual Tours. The booking process was efficient, they came to the practices shortly after and we had a great Google tour posted within days. The practices found them non intrusive and did not effect the day – considering these are busy hospitals. The tour has really helped with people getting an idea of the practice before they visit.”
#Interesting Fact No 67: Village Vet St Albans has been awarded ‘Hospital and Emergency Centre’ status by the Royal College of Veterinary surgeons under it’s nationwide Practice Standards Scheme.

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