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If you’ve ever wanted to spend a little time in a ‘holiday from holiday’ setting while planning your next trip away Suitcase Travel is for you! The seating area is exactly like its own holiday destination, the shop is decorated to a tea and because it is all new and shiny it’s a perfect time to have a virtual tour.

Jo met Mike Silford at a networking event called Collaborate with the charity Transitions UK. It’s a family run business with Mrs Silford and daughter, Penny Silford, all involved and all incredibly knowledgeable about holiday destinations and travel.

Mike started the company originally because he could see a niche in the market. A few years ago the big travel agency chains hit the High Street hard and squeezed many small independent firms out of the market. Mike decided to become a part of what seems to be a reversing trend as a large number of those national companies have left the local towns again.

The brief of our shoot was to help them establish themselves online quickly with a great showcase tour featuring the lovely new shop, the ‘holiday from holiday’ area and improve their listings on Google Maps, Google My Business and Google Search.

We made sure at our tour clearly shows their location in Dunstable, the suitcase and, of course, the beach mural wall feature. Jo dodged a bit of traffic to get the perfect shot of the front from the road, which is all in a day’s work for our heroic virtual tour guru.

Mike says “At Suitcase Travel, our ethos is to find and create memorable travel experiences for our customers – so a Google 360 Tour is an ideal way to help them start their travel journey from the moment they find us in their Google search. Striking Places really listened and understood what we were aiming to achieve and their friendly approach made it a pleasure to deal with them. The tour has captured our ‘holiday from holiday’ area perfectly revealing our friendly and welcoming approach to our customer holiday needs – thank you for putting our business on the map!”

Jo says Penny was lovely to work with – she really understood the benefits of having a top-class Google listing and how much it will help them attract more footfall fast.

Take a browse around this fabulous travel agency.

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