Miscellanea of Churt | Unique Virtual Tour

Miscellanea of Churt is located, appropriately enough, in Churt, Surrey. It offers a singular shopping experience for all your interior design and decoration requirements. This is the most individual showroom the Striking Places team have ever had the pleasure to photograph. The order of the day is distinctiveness and beauty.

The Miscellanea showroom lends itself really nicely to Google Street View Trusted by enticing the customer to explore every nook and cranny. The tour leads you on a magical journey through a treasure trove of objects, accessories and wondrous artefacts. It is a labyrinth of the extraordinary and a very unique virtual tour!

The challenges as a photographic project were firstly to capture every corner and corridor so that each and every quirky item on display is included. Secondly, it was essential to avoid being caught in the reflection of one of the hundreds of mirrors on display.

When producing the static imagery Jo seized an opportunity to create equirectangle images, (flattened representations of the image) showing the showroom as a flattened sphere. The owners loved the images so much they subsequently used them for press advertising in Country Life Magazine and The Lady.

Take the tour round this amazing virtual showroom and see for yourself. The chandeliers are spectacular, and see if you can see the bathing mermaid.

#Interesting Fact No 300: Miscellanea, The Sculpture Park and the Broken Bog Company are genuinely a family run concern all founded by Eddie Powell and now managed respectively by Leigh Courtnage, Charlie Powell and Sam Powell.

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