Level Trust 3D virtual tour

Navigate your way around the Level Trust 3D virtual tour from the comfort of your armchair. Discover this small but bright and perfectly formed charity shop.

About Level Trust

Level Trust was started by a group of local volunteers who care deeply about the people of Luton. After some investigation, they learned of 11,000 children who live below the poverty line locally. Caring as much as they did, they wanted to do something to support the poor children in their town. So, in April 2013, the kitchen table at the home of Founding Director, Jane Malcolm, became mission control. Imagine the scene with copious reports, studies and phone calls to schools and families. Gradually, the group listened to the real story behind child poverty in Luton. The stories they learned led to them formulating a plan of action.

Child poverty

The group heard that poverty means a child might not have the uniform they need for school, good food to eat at home or warm clothing when it’s cold. More deprived children are unlikely to be able to do fun things during school holidays like swimming or visiting somewhere new on the train, and they are more likely to suffer from mental health problems and low self-esteem. They may feel embarrassed about making friends because they feel ‘different’, they can also have little hope for the future.

The truth Level Trust found that wherever you live, wherever you are from, poverty is destructive, and no child should have to experience it.

The shop

To help the situation, Level Trust started providing shoes for children without them. Later on, they opened a shop in Luton Mall as a free uniform exchange. The shop is bright and inviting. And, it’s also a place people can go to speak with family support professionals and free learning resources.


Jo met Maddy Iszchak, Fundraising, Marketing and Project Manager at Level Trust at the Pride of Dunstable networking dinner run by Ed Harrison from Deakin White. Over dinner, Jo & Maddy exchanged stories about their work. After hearing Maddy’s story, Jo realised what great work the charity does. So, Striking Places donated a charity shoot for the lovely Maddy.


As the location-based charity shop is tucked away upstairs in The Mall in Luton the virtual tour helps people find the outlet as it is now also published to Google Maps Street View inside. The charity is very well thought of and has some impressive sponsors! Read more about this fantastic charity at www.leveltrust.org

3D virtual tour

To show you how Matterport and Google Street View Inside can work so well together, you can see above the Matterport tour, with it’s gliding animation and clickable navigation; and below is the Google Street View Inside tour, embedded as part of their Google My Business listing.

Google Street View inside


As you can see the shop is beautiful and bright and brilliantly organised so showcasing it with a virtual tour is a great way to entice people along to visit. The virtual tours help to increase footfall, donations of uniforms and provide more children with the uniforms they so badly need.

Google My Business listing

For an added extra we also set up their Google My Business Page. which is so important for getting yourself found on Google. You can read how to do the same for your business here > Add or Claim your Google My Business Listing… Alternatively, book your tour with us and we can get it updated/in place for you as part of your package!

Level Trust Google My Business listing on Google Maps

What Maddy said

Maddy Iszchak, Fundraising, Marketing and Project Manager at Level Trust says “Excellent work, highly recommended. Jo was an absolute pleasure to work with and the whole thing was quick and easy. Brilliant footage and wonderful customer service. Thank you Jo!”

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