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Kwik Fit is the leading car servicing and repair company in the United Kingdom, specialising in tyres, brakes, exhausts, MOT testing, car servicing, air conditioning recharge, oil changes and windscreen repair. There are over 600 centres nationwide open 7 days a week.

Striking Places have been working with the Kwik Fit marketing team for the pst two years, rolling out Street View Trusted tours for each of their refurbished centres across the UK. To date we have covered over two hundred centres from Inverness to Penzance and improved the companies digital presence by optimising each Google Plus page by 100%. Kwik Fit have made further use of the tours on their website. Can you find your local Kwik Fit centre.

We are now working with the team to create an interactive TourDash overlay that can be easily be adapted and applied to any number of centres. The brief is to build on the benefits of the existing Google tour and further engage potential clients with easy to navigate menus and information pop-ups that can be used to present the viewer with targeted information is a range of formats, text or graphics, images or video. Key messages or promotional information can be adapted as frequently as is required.

Kwik Fit Windsor is the example used to demonstrate the flexibility of the overlay and shows a range of features that can be used to encourage the users to spend longer while learning about more of the clients products and services.

Roger Griggs | Director of Communications | Kwik Fit
“Striking Places have a great working knowledge of our business and our requirements. They have used their expertise to illustrate the huge investment we have made in our new centres across the UK. They have produced an extremely high quality of work and are always very obliging and very professional.
The Striking Places Mobile office provides great efficiency and flexibity, like nothing we’ve ever experienced before. It works a treat!
Striking Places are the best of the best.”
# Interesting Fact No 207: We have created over 150 Kwik Fit Google Street View Trusted virtual tours from Inverness to Penzance. Learn more from about this ambitious project from the Kwik Fit Blog.

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‘Highly recommended’ University of Herts
‘True professionals’ RSPCA
‘Creative and very professional’ Kwik Fit

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