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The Knowledge Gallery in Brighton is part of a wider creative collaboration between Circus Kinetica, Orgaink Mechanik, Chrysalis Couture, and Ruffled Feathers. Their mission is to use vacant premises and turn them into a gallery space for local artists and free book shops for all. The collective produce the most novel recycled sculptures, organic, re-crafted and vintage clothing and intricate jewellery.

Given the pop-up nature of most of the ventures, the advantages of capturing an art gallery virtual tour around one of their spaces are obvious, in that even after the gallery has moved on, the art experience can be kept alive.

This 360 Google Street View Trusted gave us an opportunity to illustrate the eclectic mix of the Knowledge Gallery space. The art gallery virtual tour leads you through a magical cave of treasures. Beautiful clothing, hats, bags and jewellery mixed with hand-drawn cards, oddities and curios, and eventually to the tea bar and reading room. One of the unique aspects about the Knowledge Gallery spaces is the principle of free books, and the ability to sit, have a cup of tea and read the afternoon away, sometimes with a musical accompaniment as you can see in this tour!

Spaces like these provide plenty of challenges when producing virtual 360 tours – lots of nooks and crannies and interesting angles – but Striking Places love a challenge. The satisfaction of being able to produce an art gallery virtual tour that encapsulates not only the physical content of a place, but also the unique atmosphere, is definitely one of the bonuses. A place like this holds so much more than you would ever expect from outside, and  the virtual tour provides 24 hour visual access.

Jemima Taylor | Artist, Designer | Knowledge Gallery, Chrysalis Couture
“I have had the pleasure of working with Jo and the Striking Places team on many projects. I am thoroughly impressed with the professionalism and level of service and the end results always totally exceed my expectations. I have used the beautiful photography for my promotional material and my website and continue to uses the images for social media to promote my business. As a small business owner the investment has paid for itself many times over.”
#Interesting Fact No 168: The Knowledge grew from a group of like-minded artists and designers that shared a workspace and now share materials, techniques and ideas.

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