HTA Plant Show 2017 | Exhibition Virtual Tour

Striking Places are delighted to be back supporting the HTA National Plant Show once again. With tripods, cameras and other equipment at the ready, the team set about creating The National Plant Show’s second annual virtual tour. While manning their own stand, that you can see in the virtual tour, the tech and quality control teams worked away ensuring that the brilliance of the show came through in the 360-degree images.

The 2017 National Plant Show was just as beautiful as the year before, with each stall gorgeously decorated with such epic detail. This is shown most eloquently in Worfield Plants’ stall, where the team created a detailed mini 360 tour. This part of the tour can be seen in the National Plant Show’s virtual tour, see if you can navigate to stand number 31/38. Another superb exhibit was that of Profit Plant. Their stall, which can also be seen by clicking the arrows to explore the tour (check out stand number 34/35), displayed a range of stunning flowers in a rustic setting. The rocking chair, which the team were particularly fond of, really brought the whole presentation together as one really felt that they could, if possible, sit and stare at the beautiful plants for hours.

An interesting addition to this year’s HTA National Plant Show was the Nursery Supply Show, which was located in the adjacent building; Stoneleigh Hall 3. This separate conglomeration was made up of suppliers that specialise in goods associated with the plant and flower industry. One exhibition that really caught the eye of Striking Places was that of Wonder Wall. This business focused on supplying nurseries with high-tech self-watering garden planters, and their stall was simply gorgeous, with every piece of the wall covered with colourful and fragrant flowers. The whole of the Nursery Supply Show highlighted the sheer passion that goes behind organisations such as Aylett Nurseries and even the HTA National Plant Show itself.

Striking Places were really proud to see some of their product imagery displayed on the Twinplast stand in the Nursery Supply Show. Twinplast was introduced to Jo, by their web design company when they needed new imagery for their new website.

The team is now working with several of the exhibitors to embed their part of the virtual tour in their websites and Facebook pages and creating Facebook ready panoramas for other exhibitors to buy.

Striking Places thoroughly enjoyed being part of this fantastic, floral, annual event for the second time and they look forward to opportunities that may arise from it. The virtual tour of the 2017 National Plant Show has now been published on Google Maps and is available for anyone who missed the event and wishes to take a look around, or even to people who went and would just like to refresh their memory. HTA did a fantastic job this year and the Striking Places team is looking forward to the 2018 show.

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